Goan Culture

The rich cultural heritage of Goa is a stark contrast to the rest of India. This is one quality that makes the culture of Goa truly unique. Goa is a place where you find people accepting the presence of all major unlike the rest of India where tradition and conservatism is an inseparable part of one's life.

The people of Goa have the essence of music in their culture. In fact music is quite dominant among people living there. Not just Indian, they take pleasure in Western music and listen to the likes of trance, western classic music, techno, jazz, blues, etc. Most Goans have music in their veins and know how to play a couple of instruments. You can find many Goans breaking into a peppy song on a hot afternoon without any particular reason. Due to the Portuguese rule in this place, the culture has invariably picked up on the Portugal cultural heritage.

class=SpellE>Goa unique in its own way. Visit this lovely place to experience this feeling on your own.






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